Pre move survey

Pre Move Survey: Know The Volume and Weight Of Your Shipment

How do I know an estimate volume and weight of my shipment before moving ? A pre move survey is an estimation of volume and weight of the shipment. You can request estimation of your shipment from a moving company (better to invite three competitors) or scale and measure dimensions yourself.

What is the Pre Move survey aimed for ?

Pre move survey is carried out to collect detailed information about consignment. No matter who is going to manage your move, it is crucial to know the following:

Pre move survey
  • volume and weight of consignment
  • If there are any items that may need special packing
  • Items with non-standard dimensions
  • pack-out dates
  • vehicle access and parking at origin
  • destination point
  • Contact details at destination

Who does a Pre Move Survey

All moving companies have surveyors providing them with information about consignment. More experienced the surveyor is more accurate his report is. Be advised that surveyor provides report for the company he or she works for. And company makes offer based on this report.

In order to to be sure you are receiving rates for the service as per your needs, do not hesitate to discuss all issues with the surveyor. Even better to have an idea about your consignment. Always ask for detailed quotation with drop-down rates of every service.

Usually pre move survey does not take much time. Only 15-20 Minutes. So you can invite a moving company representatives for a pre move out inspection. Better to invite several representatives at the same time. Competition will make your offers more cost effective.

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