Who We Are

Space Distribution is the best logistics solution in Tbilisi, Georgia. The company was established by a group of skilled movers and move coordinators. Every member of our team has from 5 to 15 years experience of working for international logistics companies. We have been managing moves of VIP clients including high ranked diplomats and heads of top companies.

Years activity of our skilled personnel in industry made us confident in solving all kind of logistics solutions.
That is why our people are what drives us forward

Bests Logistics Solution in Tbilisi, Georgia

Below you can find a short list of our cost effective services.

  • Moving household goods .
  • Office relocation (Even on Week-ends)
  • Customs-Brokerage service
  • Doc handling
  • Building a supply chain for Georgian companies. 
  • Distribution of all kind of goods within Georgia.
  • Export in neighbor republics: Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan 

Looking for something more ? Do not hesitate to contact us