Logistics Terms And Incoterms

The Incoterms are International Commercial Terms agreed by parties of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They are based on international commercial law and are widely used in international procurement and logistics. Rules and terms of cargo handling are based on Incoterms depending on mode of transport.

Incoterms For Any Mode Of Transport

  • EXW – Ex Works (Named Place Of Delivery) – Shipper makes the consignment available at a definite place. None of export or import formalities are included. It’s a responsibility of Consignee to bring the shipment at final destination.
  • FCA – Free Carrier – Shipper delivers the consignment cleared for export to the agreed place. It can be a carrier or representative party of consignee. Consignee is responsible for offloading and loading the shipment. If delivery occurs at location controlled by the shipper, it is shipper’s responsibility to load the consignment onto consignee’s carrier.

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